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Case Study: Resolving Grade Disputes

Part Two: Whose Responsibility?

Jeff suggests that Arthur leave the graded reports with him, and promises to give serious consideration to his complaint.

The next day Jeff visits Professor Brown, the faculty member in charge of the course, bringing with him Arthur's already marked lab reports. When Professor Brown offers to review the reports Jeff is relieved - he is fairly confident in his marking ability, but it is his first year as a TA, and he values the judgement of the experienced professor. Professor Brown thanks Jeff for taking such care with the students in his lab section. Jeff devotes the rest of the week to his own studies.

During the week, Jeff finds a note in his mailbox from Professor Brown, advising him that he has taken care of the difficulty with Arthur. Professor Brown has remarked Arthur's reports, and has returned them directly to Arthur, leaving a photocopy of the re-marked reports for Jeff. When Jeff reviews the reports, he discovers that Professor Brown has raised the grade on two of them.

At the next meeting of Jeff's tutorial group, the atmosphere is rather strained. Jeff can see that many of the students are discussing their past lab report grades among themselves. During the same week, Professor Brown receives several requests for lab report re-marks from students in Jeff's tutorial group.

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Last updated June 24, 1997

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