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Ten Ways to Enhance Learning

  1. Make an effort to know the learners, and help learners to know each other.

  2. State objectives clearly. Learners should know what to expect - one way to help them is to provide an agenda for the session.

  3. Encourage learners to take responsibility for their own Learning by giving them choices whenever possible. For example, ask what they want to learn, how they want to learn it, and let them decide when they have met their goals and are ready to move on to something else.

  4. Respect and use learners' experiences. Ask about their experiences, and integrate this into the Learning activity as much as possible.

  5. Select activities and materials that are relevant to the learners' goals. Many learners will want the content to be immediately applicable to their life and work.

  6. Try to use a variety of teaching/presentation techniques to reach a variety of Learning styles. For example, some people learn best by speaking, others by listening or writing.

  7. If you plan on using visual materials, make them clear and simple. To emphasize important points, use more than one medium (e.g., saying and writing; overhead and handout).

  8. Be supportive, positive, and reassuring with all learners. In a new situation, some usually confident learners may feel unsure of themselves, and may resist Learning.

  9. Respect learners' values, attitudes, and beliefs. Be patient in allowing them to express and consider their own values. If you are hoping for change, accept that change comes slowly, and allow learners to take the time they need.

  10. Consider providing a brief written summary of your presentation, especially useful if you have presented a large amount of information.

Prepared by:
Susan Wilcox, Instructional Development Centre
Queen's University

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Last updated June 24, 1997

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