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Planning the Workshop

1. WHO is to be trained?

Which group needs training -- new TAs? returning TAs? both groups?
Are they to come for training voluntarily, or will their attendance be required?
Will faculty members come? administrators?
How many are to be trained? (if TA numbers are small, should we collaborate with another department?)

2. By WHOM?

By experienced faculty members? graduate coordinators? course directors? department heads? senior graduate students?
A team of trainers? or an individual?
Will an outside consultant be called eg., the Instructional Development Centre?
By staff from other Queen's departments/services eg., the Special Needs or the Human Rights offices?

3. WHAT is to be taught?

What are the needs of the TAs? the knowledge and skills to be learned? the attitudes to be changed?
What do the TAs already know? have experience with?
What are the primary responsibilities of most TAs?
Any current issues or priorities in the department? the university?
How will TAs and faculty be included in the process of making content decisions?

4. WHEN will training be held?

The duration? frequency?
In work hours? off hours? before term? during term?
What date and time is best, considering the academic calendar, departmental needs, job requirements of TAs, availability of trainers?

5. WHERE will training be held?

In the department, or out of it?
What kind of physical arrangements will facilitate the training? Will there be room for small groups? audio-visual aids?

6. HOW will training be carried out?

Will the training be a single workshop? a series of sessions? a retreat or an intensive lab?
What methods of training will be used i.e., training activities?
What resource material will be needed?

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Last updated June 24, 1997

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